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Continuing Education for Medical Office Professionals

Medical Office Compliance

Lack of training and knowledge is not a valid defense in a federal audit.

This course will explain all the compliance responsibilities and liabilities in a medical office. Examples of cautionary areas: billing for claims with no assignment of benefits on file, selling a photocopier without wiping patient data stored in memory, or listing employees as salaried to avoid paying overtime wages.

Class Highlights:

  • The 3 major compliance risk areas: Medicare, HIPAA and OSHA
  • ADA rules and how to apply them in your practice
  • How to perform a risk assessment • Areas of weakness that could result in fraud investigations
  • What to do when an auditor makes contact with your office
  • Appropriate clinical documentation for compliance with payer and regulatory guidelines
  • Compliance efforts that could reduce or minimize the adverse effects of fraud investigations
  • Why you should obtain an ABN every time
  • Evaluate all HIPAA-compliant patient communication
  • How to handle a breach when it is discovered
  • Prevent, eliminate or reduce workplace hazards
  • Emergency/disaster preparedness to ensure patient and data safety
  • Explanation of penalties for non-compliance

Wednesday January 13, 2015
12:30PM – 2:30PM

Knapp Medical Center
Conference Rooms 3 & 4
1401 E. 8th Street
Weslaco, TX 78596

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